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16 December 1975
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  • hth_the_first@livejournal.com
In my defense, I'd like to mention that while I have 3 separate on-line names now, this one was the first (get it? the_first?), and actually resembles my real name, even. I'm the same carbon-based lifeform as the popslasher/Sentinel writer/intermittent fannish butterfly Betty Plotnick bettyp, and the same person who participates in various pagan fora as Fionnuala Bloom. In this incarnation, I...do mostly the same stuff. I don't know, it all made sense at the time.

Herein, get yourself some fanfic (lately Stargate:Aquarium -- don't tap the glass, it hurts their little ears! -- but also, I dunno, other fandoms sometimes, maybe), some religious philosophy, some fannish meta, and some free-floating ambient pop cultural, feminist, and writerly nonsense.

I am a bred-in-the-bone midwesterner, born in Iowa and a quarter-century resident of central Missouri, now settled in Durham, NC, where I wait tables, write fan- and unfanfiction, and have vague plans to do something with my BA in English from UGA before I die. Considering it took me 13 years after graduating from high school to get it, clearly I will not be rushed.

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