September 21st, 2005

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Atlantis fic: Contagious (deleted scenes from Alpha Centauri)

by Hth
NC-17, McKay/Ronon
deleted scenes from Alpha Centauri

Author’s Notes: So clearly I got jossed within the first ten seconds of “Conversion.” For the sake of this series, here’s how it went down, okay? The episode “Instinct” was immediately followed by Alpha Centauri 3 (Conscience). The next morning, Ronon tipped Beckett off that he might want to take a look at Sheppard’s arm; while Sheppard bitched and moaned that he felt perfectly fine, Beckett got him home and ran the blood tests that revealed blah blah blah, followed by the rest of the events of “Conversion," and then of Alpha Centauri 4 (Prime).

As I put together the timelines in a way that didn’t do too much violence to canon, I realized that I had unexpectedly given the retrovirus a few extra hours of incubation time. That got me thinking about this.

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