September 15th, 2005

follow you home

music makes the people come together

Okay, there's apparently 130 of you out there, and since the only thing I've done with this journal since the stone age is post Atlantis fic, y'all must be mainly Atlantis fans. Therefore, you are of use to me:

Tell me (or point me in the direction of whoever else has gone on this quest before me) what kind of music our Space Heroes listen to.

Does Rodney have a secret rock'n'roll life, or is it just all about the piano? Who's filed next to Johnny Cash on Shep's Napster account? Is Elizabeth remotely cool in any way? And don't forget Ford! Actually, don't forget anybody, I'm interested in the whole station, anyone you might be able to think of.

And, you know, I mention again that there are *130* of you reading a journal where I do nothing but post fic, so you must have some kind of vested interest in my fic. And this is for a story! So help me out and I can, you know, write the story!