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Batman's Sing-Along Blog

Are you spoiler-safe for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and The Dark Knight? Did one or both of them make you angry with rage, even as you cooed and petted them? Did you notice how they're practically the same movie, except completely different?

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yes, i DID enjoy my summer vacation

So I've been doing this weird thing, since last we met (Dear Readers): I've been on hiatus from fandom.

Seriously, I know nothing. I've not logged into livejournal in months. I've read no fic. I've written nothing. I'm totally out of the loop, except for occasional reports from the field from marythefan, who's been busy arriving late to the bandom party. (I continue to find its siren call quite easy to resist.)

In the meantime, I've been doing other stuff. I've traveled a little -- to a pagan festival, to see linabean, to the beach. I've caught some television that I'd foolishly put off seing (OMG, HOW DID ANYONE NOT TELL ME HOW FUCKING AWESOME THE OFFICE IS? Okay, fine. Everyone told me.) I've read many books. I've even taken up handspinning -- seriously! I make yarn now!

It's been kind of nice. Fandom has been such a huge part of my life for twelve years now that I feel like I needed a sabbatical. And now I feel like it's the first day of school -- s4 DVDs are out, s5 starts tonight! I have my shiny new notebooks, new shoes, excitement, and dread! Also, the odd thing is that lately it's like we're having some kind of strange Summer of Fandoms Past -- everything old is new again for me!

The X-Files is back -- WHO KNEW? I'm psyched about the movie, even though I'm carefully harboring low expectations. As long as they do *something* right, I'll be happy. Come on Carter -- you can meet that bar!

The Jossverse chugs along with the comic books, which are going so overall well that I didn't even grind my teeth too hard when the last issue turned out to contain lots and lots of Kennedy. Though, Xander, man -- has anyone in the history of fiction ever needed a hug more than this dude? He's like a flippin' Tom Fontana hero at this point. Also, Joss' cracky comic book/musical/webisode/short film Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is due to arrive any time now, and he'll be back on tv (Teacher! Mother! Secret lover!) at midseason with the creepy-as-fuck-looking Dollhouse. It's nice to love something that I feel I can have *high* expectations for.

Due South, you say? Well, not so much with the return-of, but TWoP just gave it an enthusiastic shout-out, inluding calling Victoria's Secret "two of the most sinuous hours you'll ever see." I'm not entirely sure what "sinuous" means in this context, but if it means fucking awesome, they're so very right. Also, Callum continues to make one badass, sexy, grizzled Cylon. Paul Haggis continues to be a Scientologist, but it's an imperfect world.

And do you know what else comes back tonight?

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gratuituous vid rec

Gratuitous because if you're the sort of person who reads my journal, you're likely to be the sort of person who reads all the other journals where this has been recced. Still and all, given how many times I've bitched and whined because there aren't enough Ronon vids in general and Ronon/John vids in particular, I just can't let it pass that


The second half of it is pretty much the vid I was imagining in my wildest fannish dreams, with all of the sweetness and humor and dorkiness and compatibility at work and at play that has always *defined* slash for me -- that is what slashy means, in my head -- and that John and Ronon have always had coming out their ears. (Seriously, even if you don't watch SGA -- if you've, I dunno, followed me here from old fandoms or whatever, I think anyone with the slightest slashy bent would enjoy this vid.)

But what's particularly impressive about "Red Moon" is the way that the *first* half juxtaposes their separate arcs and makes them look even more similar than I realized they were -- the litany of dead friends and lost wars. She finds shots where even their posture is similar -- there's one cut where each of them grabs to catch a comrade who's about to topple off his feet that just says so much about the kind of leaders they both are. There's also a brilliant move around the 1:30 mark where several shots of them passing by each other are cut quickly together, and it gives the impression of them circling each other -- like exactly what they are in the narrative of this vid (also, my brain): two wary, isolated people who are seeing something that makes them wonder if it's worth the risk again.

I couldn't possibly do it justice. It's beautiful on every level: in the artistry of its construction, in the interface with the song, and in the vidder's aesthetic eye for what images really hit at the center of who the characters are -- their pain, their resilient love of life, and their affection for each other.

Cleverly disguised as a flower shop, sekritly the place to go in Durham for all your hard-core werewolf kink needs. Free first-aid kit with every purchase -- good luck!

Aquarium 4.20 -- "The Last Man"

Complete with Final Thoughts on the season -- two buzzkills for the price of one! No need to thank me.

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I used to think you had to volunteer to be belittled in Joe Mallozzi's blog, but apparently they're drafting people now.

You know, I really thought about engaging with him (if only to correct the clear misreading of the last quote he puts up there -- I hope it's obvious to all of you that I didn't mean you could ONLY care about people you'd met, only that you were BOUND to do so, while it's often a lot more hit-or-miss with strangers) -- and then I remembered that we're talking about Joe Mallozzi, and that the reason I don't communicate with him *to start with* is that I think he's an asshole who treats the fans foolish enough to play that game like dirt. That hasn't changed, so I can't see where commenting would do me much good.

But I thought I'd let y'all know I was being talked about over there. It's practically like being famous!

Aquarium 4.18-19: "Kindred"

I'm trying not to be online too terribly much because I'm in the middle of a big project that will last the rest of the month -- but I do want to talk just a little, wee bit about "Kindred" (and presumably the season finale, as well -- but that's it! Other than that -- work!)

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Never Have I Asked an August Sky
by Hth

Originally written for the zine Surfacing, now available right here on your internets.

“Major,” Rodney said by way of a greeting, which sucked and was stupid and oh my God, if there was room left for this to get more pathetic, then absolutely the way to get there was to call the man by his military title, as if he’d driven seven hundred and thirty miles through fucking Kansas for some kind of horrifically awkward war-buddy reunion moment.

google can fail you, flist never does

Can somebody point me toward an internet resource for Jewish feminst Shabbat liturgy, particularly the sort with female God-language? I know of several books that have exactly the type of thing I need, but I don't actually own any of them, and the internet is not being my friend here.

new fic: Ode

by Hth
a sequelette to Satisfaction

Summary: Naked poetry. Yes, naked poetry. What, I can't have an id, too? It could totally happen, okay?

Special thanks to linabean for beta duties, as well as for the mere existence of this version of the characters. (I told you I'd post it if I ever found the wherewithal to add in the sex!) Also, I suppose, special thanks to Matthew Arnold, Louis MacNeice (SEKRIT ALCOHOLIC IRISH POET BOYFRIEND!) and e.e. cummings.

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