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August 4th, 2007

welcome to utopia

bullet and a target
Many people other than myself have dealt extensively with the daily_deviant incident, and I assume you're not hearing about it here for the first time and you don't need a rundown or anything. I have very little to add, except to extend my sympathies to zvi, who will obviously never, ever get the rather numerous apologies she so richly deserves from some of her fellow fen; I'm sure she knows that as well as anyone, but I don't imagine it ever gets a lot easier.

(If it helps, I'm not in the littlest, tiniest bit offended -- not even an *iota* offended -- by the word "honky." And since the logic seems to go that if you know POCs who aren't offended by X, Y, or Z, then X, Y, or Z can't *really* be racist, then zvi, please feel free to tell people your White Friend has informed you that white people who think "honky" is a horrid racial slur are big whiners, so it must be true!)

Anyway, having nothing substantive to add to the specifics of this case; what I really want to say is more of a personal thing about fandom in general, and my relationship with fandom in particular.

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